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Trigger Node

Trigger node can be of Webhook/SDK or Cron type. The Trigger form contains the below fields that are required to be filled.

Trigger Type


Let's say Mok is connected to another application wherein customers can perform financial transactions. When a transaction is made by a customer to a merchant, a message is needed to be sent to the customer regarding its success or failure status. To achieve this, a webhook type trigger can be used to activate a trigger when a transaction occurs.


Cron type triggers are ideal for events or jobs which occur periodically. It contains a Cron Expression field which when passed will be able to create firing schedules for the periodic jobs.

Trigger Name

You can add a valid name to distinguish it from other triggers.

Trigger Description

You can provide a short description of what the trigger does.

Method (for Webhook/SDK type)

You can select GET or POST method appropriate for your trigger. In the example designed above, POST method needs to be selected to send the notification to the customer regarding their successful or failed transaction status.